About us

    Weihai Danhong Sports Goods Co., Ltd ,which is professional manufacturer of snowboarding ,skiing and surfboarding equipments in north China.The productions are mainly  snowboard,spiltboard,fishboards,swallowboards,alpine ski,twintip ski, kiteboard,skiboard and cross country ski.According to customers'concepts, we are able to develope the new items.OEM and customer label and design are available.With the well-experienced technicians ,stable quality, the products are welcomed from Russia ,Europe,Norh America and Austrialian customers.If any queries ,please feel free to contact with us.

 We have these advantages:

1.The kid's LED skis and snowboards which have got patent.

2.We also have developed POWER SPIDER CORE technology.

3.All kinds of topsheets: bamboo, wood veneer, fiber carbon, fiberglass etc

4.Laser engraving graphics are good for friendly enviroment

5.Three-dimensional glitter powder

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